The PEEPSHOW presents FALL BEAUTY!! / Day 2



I've always struggled with the concept of the 'accent' wall.  The decision to paint, wallpaper or decoratively treat one of the room's four walls, in a manner quite different from the other others, must never be arbitrary but should feel as well as look just right.  When done by the wrong hands, an interior could feel unfinished, off-balanced, or just plain odd. To me the accent wall should add a dash of whimsy, a bit of drama, a hint of mystery, a sense of expectancy, a thrust, a burst, a hit--whoa! bam! kaboom!!  An area or segment of wall which offers some architectural interest, like: an extension or addition/a curved wall/a protruding or recessed wall/a half-wall/a partition/a free-standing wall.  The reason behind an accent wall is to accentuate or highlight some feature of an interior (or exterior); it should never never be about playing it safe with neutral or blah-blah colors on three walls, and then applying the color you really love but lack the courage to live in, and with.  Seems to me that it's like dressing in all-black, and then deciding before heading out the front door, to substitute brown-boots for the 'hell of it.' Enough said, cause today it's gonna be a hell of a beautiful day, and I'm stepping out to greet it (dressed in whatever colors catch my eye while dressing).


Today's soundtrack is NOAHS BOAT II at