The PEEPSHOW presents IT'S BATH-TIME!!! / Day 1



It's reasonable to assume that the bathroom pictured above, probably belongs to an single individual, or perhaps a couple who are very, very meticulous and tend not to have the usual junk that many of us hang on to--and then unless confronted--will cart from place to place long after we should have disposed of them; items such as half-filled shampoo bottles/partially-used cakes of hand-soap/bottles of scent now odor-less/make-up that is clearly expired for the mascara is hard as nails and the foundation-cream has clumped/hand-towels and tissue-boxes best left behind at that fabulous but overpriced hotel/bags of hair-clips and plastic rollers still available at the dollar-stores/dull emery-boards/pills and other potions now dangerously green (or yellowing) from age/broken combs/dull razors/packets of dried-out chewing-gum, and so forth.  I believe that many of us have inherited that particular gene, which makes accumulation almost second nature, acquiring most enjoyable, and lining our nests (with stuff) a life-long obsession.

I've always fantasized about having a bathroom that could be hosed down, like we did back in the army barracks every morning, where everything was left shining and clean, and suggestive of positivity and good health, and the beginning of yet another great day.  Something which I hope that all of us are about to embark upon.


Today's soundtrack is COSMO NOTES' Dreaming (