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Friday, October 19, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents FALL BEAUTY!! / Day 3



Besides allowing us to peek into the rarified world of Ann Getty's famed West Coast interiors, today's visual treat most aptly demonstrates that nothing is more stunning, challenging, or satisfying than wonderful art hung against the backdrop provided by a patterned paper.  Oh, how many times have I read (or heard) some designer (or decorator) justifying their decision to use a neutral color (read: pale, insipid, forgettable) so as to allow the 'art' to be seen; or better yet, 'we didn't want anything to detract from the art.'   Rubbish, I say.  Good art looks even better against bold, rich color; and if one has the mojo, hang it against a pattern.  I can almost guarantee that you'll either see it all in a new way, or, realize that whatever had been considered a piece of art is now closer to an article fit for passing on to some less fortunate, or discerning, soul.  Re-echoing the words of Washington-based designer Mary D. Drysdale, her advice is: " go bold, or go home."  Amen (to that)!!

Hope everyone has great plans for this weekend.


Today's soundtrack is AUDIODEEP's Drowning In The Sky (


iris white said...

so over the top that i could love there ;)

iris white said...

i meant live. that must have been a freudian slip.

Shane said...

Either way, my stunningly-beautiful friend, you'd be loving and living it all the way!!