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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents IT' S BATH-TIME!! / Day 4



When the skies outside are grey, and the damp chill of autumn (especially today) compels one to abandon deck-style living, a cozy and warm decor will get us through the bleaker days of October (until the drama and excitement provided by the election and then Thanksgiving).  Large ceramic pots filled with magnolia branches, rosemary, chinese lanterns, and drying hydrangeas add a nice touch, as does boldly-patterned tribal carpets; perhaps new pillows on the settee, and additional reading lamps to illuminate previously dark corners should be considered while the seasonal shop-sales still last.  Draperies (removed during the summer) should be rehung, and artwork can be repositioned and highlighted with the addition of easy-to-install picture lights or track lighting.  During the weeks before Halloween and the crush of monster holiday-parties, little steps can be easily undertaken to celebrate the festivities of the holidays without the stress of last-minute deadlines; any of the shelter and lifestyle magazines can provide lists of fun projects to accentuate both the house or garden, and yourselves.  So dig in through their sumptuous pages (as well as keeping reading this blog)!!


PS:  Today's soundtrack is TRENTEMOLLER's Miss You (

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