The PEEPSHOW presents FALL BEAUTY!! / Day 5



Reception or waiting rooms seemed to have fallen out of favor to some, somewhat similarly to 'good manners.'  It seems odd or strange to the uninitiated or ignorant (or unaware) that perhaps not all callers at the door should be entertained in one's private rooms, such as the kitchen or family room/den/library, or bedroom.  Sure, I'm all for relaxed casualness, yet nothing beats the slow process of carefully worded civilized conversation--in the waiting room--to flush out the undesirable and pretentious, as well as keeping riff-raff at bay.  And if finally allowed entree to the more private areas of a home, be a good guest and keep one's feet off the coffee-table, use the coasters, and try not to linger past 10 unless invited to do so, verbally or otherwise . . .

Have a wonderful day.


Today's soundtrack is ZAIKA's I Always Wanted To Watch The Sky With You (